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I’ve coached youth baseball with Mike over the past two decades and have observed a desire and passion in him for developing young baseball players seen in very few coaches.  He demonstrates consistently an in-depth understanding of discipline, hard work and commitment required to develop young athletes.  Mike takes this fire inside him to a much higher level by ensuring what he teaches is current and relevant, as he spends countless hours studying and traveling outside Alaska for training in his effort to remain up to date and proficient in cutting edge baseball education and knowledge.  By doing so allows him to train Alaska’s aspiring baseball students in the techniques and fundamentals currently being taught in College and Major League Baseball.  You don’t have to look far to see results as Mikes students are all around us and you know most of them if you have been paying attention and follow youth high school baseball in Alaska. 


Jack Yandell


Hitting fundamentals are essential to becoming a successful hitter at the collegiate level. Although I could get the job done from simply playing the game my entire life, never had the true fundamentals of hitting been broken down from top to bottom for me until I sent my video to Coach Fetko. Utilizing the information he told me, I realized I had perfected an imperfect swing. I increased my bat speed a ton and began to hit the ball a lot sharper, as well as hitting the game-tying double in the playoffs of my summer league, which was probably my hardest hit ball of my life. Now playing in college at Treasure Valley CC, I see many similarities in what he teaches and what the coaches at the collegiate level teach in hitting fundamentals. If you want to take your game to the next level and improve your swing, Coach Fetko is the man to see.


Mitchell McCoy, II


My son (Jaren) attended one six week pitching session with Mike Fetko. He began training with a decently developed fastball and a good curve ball. He began the two hour sessions with no more than two athletes participating in the group. The individual attention along with the training, drills and exercises paid dividends almost immediately. After three or four sessions Jaren's fast ball picked up at least 5 mph, he had better control on his curve ball and started throwing a real change up that would drop from the knees to the plate (occasionally). But more importantly he began to understand how to pitch. Needless to say his confidence shot through the roof, he not only became one of best pitchers in our league but one of the top all around players in the league. Mike knows how to talk to kids on a level they understand, he explains what the drills and exercises do and how they will benifit them. He also trains pitch location and velocity. He also followed his progress after the sessions ended during league play. Providing instant feedback for Jaren and I. We can't wait to start the next session of pitching clinics and we will be adding the batting sessions also. We will definately keep coming back to Mike until Jaren graduates high school and hopefully starts college. Thanks Mike for the personal attention and really caring about my son.

Bill Childs


Mike Fetko has a gift and passion for coaching the game.  In my experience as a baseball player, coach and parent I have not worked with anyone who can more effectively break down, analyze and correct pitching and hitting mechanics. Combine that with integrity and a genuine love of helping kids succeed, and you have Coach Fetko.   His training programs and techniques are used by some of the best in baseball, and have benefitted my family as well as teams I have coached. He's the real deal.


Ted McGovern 


I am a friend and fellow coach of Mike Fetko, Jr. having worked with him the past 13+ years.  I say friend first because it was through the coaching of our kids among many other youth that we became friends.  I coached some football alongside Mike but it was around the wrestling mats that we got to know each other the most and spent the most time as well.

Many former good High School wrestlers don't have what it takes to make a good wrestling coach, especially at all youth levels, but that is not the case with Mike.  Mike has an exceptional ability to relate to kids of all ages.  From his experience, he knows how to teach kids the right technique and body position in any wrestling situation but even better, he knows how to get it across to them effectively.  Part of why he is effective is he's a good listener and observer who can identify when a certain teaching method, that worked for one or many, doesn't happen to be working for a certain individual and then knows how to adapt on the fly to change it up in order to get it across to that person having difficulty.  That's a primary characteristic of a good teacher of course and it's one Mike possesses in order to put him at the level of an Excellent Coach.

I have seen how Mike identifies with the kids he coaches and seen the proof of his effectiveness when you see those youth seeking him out specifically to coach them and wanting to be around him, clearly holding him in high regard with much respect as that of a good father.  Mike is an asset to any kid he coaches both in the practice room and matside during competition.

Bob Ottum - Vice Chairman of Alaska USA Wrestling


I want to take a moment to express my profound gratitude to Mike for the amazing work he has done with my sons.  When I moved to Anchorage, Mike was the first person who extended his hand to offer his assistance to coach my kids.  He has taught my sons fundamentals of hitting and pitching and has transformed their abilities to perform better and better in baseball. Thank you Mike for your passion, dedication and personal attention with Alexander and Luis Enrique Alvarez.



Ileanette and Luis A. Alvarez


I have known Mike Fetko for over 7 years through the Alaska Battle Cats wrestling club. My interaction and observations of Mike have always been positive. Some people have the ability to connect with kids to motivate and instruct better than others. I have seen firsthand that Mike has those coaching qualities. He has been effective in coaching all types of Athletes through respect and expertise. We are very fortunate to have Mike part of our program and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a top quality one on one coach.


Mike Priebe

ABC President


“As an Alaskan who was fortunate enough to follow my baseball dream to junior college in California, I was excited to see the advances in the level of coaching and training when my son came of age to play competitively.  Unfortunately what I found was a lot of the same misinformation and outdated techniques being practiced today that plagued the game 20 years ago.  I had numerous coaches and academy leaders tell me (or talk down to me) about how they played D-1, how they were drafted and how great their programs were.  Needless to say, I came away unimpressed with what they offered and frustrated at the fact that the game had advanced so far and yet Alaska seemed to be falling further behind.  Shortly after my frustration began to boil over, I was introduced to Mike Fetko and his Players Edge Sports Academy.”

“It took a simple 10 minute conversation with Coach Fetko to realize I had found what I was looking for.  Coach Fetko was teaching kids in the early stages of their development bio mechanical techniques that advanced way beyond what I was taught in college while also giving kids the confidence to succeed in a negative sport.  After the 1st practice, my son was hooked.  It was amazing to see the amount of pride Coach Fetko took in his instruction and the attention he gave to every player not just those who were gifted.  My son joined Players Edge and after just 6 months, Coach Fetko raised his level of play from a decent ball player throwing 46 MPH, to a functionally strong mechanically sound pitching and hitting machine touching 58 MPH.  My son now understands how to practice and why he is doing what he is doing.  Players Edge offers a true path to playing time and skill advancement for all players at any level.  The attention Coach Fetko gives to arm care health and recovery gives me piece of mind that my son’s arm will not be compromised to win games.  I cannot express enough how highly I regard Mike Fetko’s approach to Inform, Instruct & Inspire and how much my son enjoys being in his program.”

Jeremiah Eneix
Former Anchorage Glacier Pilot 1997, 2002

My 13 year old son Grant started playing baseball two seasons ago. He has always thrown with what I would describe as a short-arm motion that neither I nor his coaches could correct. After only his second practice with Coach Fetko, Grant finally threw the ball using his whole range of motion, thereby getting the most out of his natural ability. By the end of Mike’s six-week Velocity Training, Grant’s fastball increased by 5 mph and his control improved. Mike’s passion, energy and knowledge are wonderful, and the kids really respond to his style. Mike doesn’t just tell them what to do, but takes the time to explain why it’s important, which really drives the message home.


Terry Heikkila


My son Cameron asked to work with Mike in the Fall of 2015.  In the 5 months that Cameron has worked with Mike his overall baseball AND athletic skills have improved dramatically.  But it’s not just the skills improvement that has impressed me.  Cameron is more focused on nutrition, self-motivated on his individual workouts and has a goal that he is working towards of playing baseball beyond high school.  Mike teaches his players the importance of being engaged in their success from health and fitness to grades in school.  The Players Edge program will help your player gain the skills, speed, agility and strength that is required to succeed in baseball at a higher level.  I was so impressed with the work that Mike is doing I asked to get involved in the Players Edge program so that I could support Mike’s vision and help these athletes as well.


Aaron P. Lautaret


I’ve known coach Mike Fetko for 17 years and consider him both a friend and mentor. I’ve personally seen Mike have a positive impact on 100’s of young athletes across wrestling, softball, and baseball.  Mike has unique technical knowledge backed up by certifications and training from some of the best mentors in the game, take that and combine it with his enthusiasm and passion for sports and that is what makes Mike so special to work with for both his students, parents, and other coaches like myself. For anyone looking to bring in a high energy, knowledgeable coach that can help both individuals and your team, Mike is the guy to talk to.

Thanks for all the help this winter Coach Fetko!!


Mike Jolin

President and Head Coach – AK Krush Fastpitch Softball
Vice President – AOR Softball


I am a college outfielder and pitcher at Dawson Community College. When it comes to hitting and pitching, Coach Fetko is your guy! I've known Coach Fetko for 9 years now and the things he is teaching; you can't get anywhere else in town. I can't stress enough how important it is to establish good habits mechanically at a young age so you're not worrying about it at higher levels.
I started seeing Coach Fetko when I was a senior in high school because I've mostly always been known as a wild pitcher. Working with Coach Fetko that winter my senior year drastically changed that. I started to live around the zone, throw strikes, gain velocity and which ultimately led to more strike outs. Mike is a great coach and even though I've long been out of the Anchorage baseball programs, he continues to check up on me and make sure all things are good personally and baseball wise. I can't urge young players enough, break bad habits when you're young! It will save you a ton of time and money once you get at the higher levels.  With Coach Fetko’s help I am now hitting and throwing better than I have ever been!


Ryan Caron

I want to take this opportunity to thank and show my appreciation to coach Fetko. The program he has put together rewards hard work, dedication, patience, and belief in a proven system. The art of developing young talent is not easy, and that's why some coaches and mentors don't focus on that aspect. I've been a witness first hand to the benefits that Players Edge can bear. Not only personally with my son but with other future sports stars and more importantly, outstanding citizens. Under coach Fetko's tutelage, my son has gone in 6 months time to a player who only wanted to play in the outfield to a player who shows a little disappointment when he's not pitching, catching, or playing the infield. That speaks volumes to the developmental aspect to coach Fetko's system. Don't get me wrong, his system ultimately is about winning and building winners, its just that everything has its place and when you look at the system in its totality, you come to the conclusion that it is a succinct, defined, results driven system. Keep it up coach, great job.

Darryl Wilson

I can't thank you enough Mike Fetko for what you have given my son. You believed in him when no one else did. You gave him the tools he needed to become the player he wants to be. You have spent hours with him one on one whenever he needed. You have watched and critiqued many dozens of hitting videos he's sent you. And it's working!!! He was 4 for 4 today playing a tough South program. A triple, two doubles and a single. And what this has taught him goes way beyond baseball. He's learned a very important life skill that hard work is what gets you the ability to achieve your goals. THANK YOU MIKE!!!!!!!

Wendi Bates

Tad and I are thankful for Players Edge Sports Academy, Jayden & Taylor have improved tremendously and have had fun doing it which makes a world of difference! Many, many thanks to Coach Fetko and all the coaches working and learning from Mike to instruct and coach our kids. Keep up the good work!!

Tad & Jennifer Dooley

Our son Ian was a very athletic, reliable team player from the age of 8 years old and always big and strong for his age.  He even pitched a perfect game when he was 11.  At 14 Ian pitched a lot for his little league and all star teams and was in the middle of a growth spurt.  After returning from the 2014 LLWS Intermediate Regionals in Nogales, his elbow was hurting. The doctor examined Ian and said he was fine, but noticed that he could hyper extend his elbow.  We started to wonder about his mechanics. Ian had many great volunteer coaches in Little League, but we knew he needed a second look.  


During Fall Ball we heard about how the opposing team's coach, Mike Fetko, had helped other players with mechanics and could build healthy, strong pitchers with arm care and functional strength training.  I called him the next day.  


Mike met us in Chugiak and did a thorough evaluation of Ian's throwing and batting mechanics using video and examining Ian's arms, shoulder blades and back muscles.    Turns out Ian wasn't using his lower body enough and had been really overstraining his arm and upper body.  He needed to learn how to use his whole body more efficiently and strengthen the muscles in his back and core to withstand hard throwing better.  


Ian started working out with Mike in November of 2014.  The growth in Ian's throwing, batting and overall conditioning were tremendous and we loved the fact that Mike Fetko is just an all around great coach who we could really trust our son with. 


The following summer, after Ian graduated 8th grade, Ian played baseball for a U15 Major team, KC Elite Gold, in Kansas City.  He had a great season with the highest batting average on the team and a very strong performance in LF.  We were surprised that our Alaskan grown boy got so much playing time in the lower 48.  Even though Ian was out of state, Mike checked up on Ian, that support meant so much to us all.


Over the years, Mike has always been there for Ian and for my husband and I when we have questions.  Ian works out with Mike in the off season now mostly, but recently Ian worked with Mike for a refresher on his batting and the mental side during the High School season.  During the following game, Ian's bat came alive again in time for the High School State Tournament.   


Personally I wish Ian could have Mike as a coach more full time for consistencies sake, but we take what we can get and are super thankful and appreciative for all of his work helping to build up players in Alaska.  


Laura and Thomas Frizelle

Alaska has a secret weapon for building physically and mentally tough athletes – MIKE FETKO.

Mike is a phenomenal coach.  He has a great comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals and strategy of baseball/sports, but more importantly he understands how to communicate with the players in a positive and uplifting manner.  Mike builds a strong one-on-one relationship with each player and NEVER gives up on them especially when they need it the most.  Being a mom of two very competitive sons, I can attest to the mental and physical strain it can put on a young student athlete.  Mike has been a pillar of strength, guidance, knowledge, understanding…..the list is endless.  Combining this with his passion for sports and a great ability to motivate, educate, and communicate with his players makes Mike truly outstanding. He started off as our sons’ coach but is also now part of our family. 


Yvonne Henrickson

We just got back home from working with Coach Fetko at Players Edge Academy in Anchorage.  Our son, Wyatt, had the wonderful opportunity to work with Coach Fetko for four days.  While there, he worked on the mechanical side to pitching as well as the neurophysical side.  We learned an immense amount of information in those short four days.  Wyatt learned that you need to warm up to throw and not to throw to warm up.  Coach Fetko was amazing!  He went above and beyond to make our son feel comfortable and gave him positive feedback when appropriate.  Wyatt was engaged and working hard during the duration of his lessons.  Coach Fetko had him maximizing his time while there.  He also, had a great sense of humor and positive attitude. In addition, Coach Fetko gave ample opportunity for us and our son to ask questions before and after each lesson.  We saw a marked improvement in the short amount of time that we had.  Coach Fetko laid a sound foundation for our son to follow his dreams to becoming a ballplayer.  We would strongly encourage you to look at what Coach Fetko can do for you!  We are currently trying to see if we can bring Coach Fetko to Sitka to share his wealth of knowledge about baseball with the many baseball and softball families here.  We definitely will be continuing our relationship with Coach Fetko.

Conforti Family


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