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Elite Athletic Training

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Testing and Evaluations

Can you imagine being diagnosed with a broken bone without an x-ray?  Well that's a lot what it is like when coaches try to diagnose mechanical flaws, functional strength weaknesses,  speed threshold deficiencies, and mental/emotional tendencies without proper testing and evaluations.

Here are the NPA proprietary tests and evaluations:


2D Biomechanical Video Analysis

We will use a high speed camera to provide an accurate slow motion analysis of the athlete.  High speed cameras allow us to identify and measure the timing of an athlete’s kinematic sequence than can’t be seen by the human eye.  The analysis will clearly define between player signatures and bio-mechanical variables.  Knowing the difference is the key! Player signatures are inherent and specific to an athlete. Bio-mechanics are the laws of physics applied to the human body, so they are constant and scientifically defend-able for all rotational athlete movements.  Optimizing the efficiency of the key bio-mechanical variables provides optimal health and performance.  $65

Point In Time Velocity Capacity

By using the data we collect from our proprietary testing, we can identify exactly an athlete’s current and potential velocity capacity. If an athlete is not currently reaching his/her capacity, we can identify and isolate which weak link is contributing to that failure.  This testing specifically addresses the functional strength component of velocity capacity.  $190

Vector Management

By using the data we collect from you motion analysis, we will measure the direction and weight of energy vectors.  We will be able to identify good and bad efficiencies of how you transfer energy in a constant direction. This testing specifically identifies any loss in velocity and additional stresses on the body due to poor energy vectors.

College Athlete Testing

We provide testing for high school athletes looking to play in college that need to submit data and analytics.

The STAR Profile

The STAR Profile is a predictive behavioral and performance assessment, based on a complex psychometric instrument that is able to pinpoint behavioral characteristics and predict future behavior and performance.  This assessment is based on a class “C” psychometric instrument and is the only one of its type currently being used in professional sports.  It is also backed by over 50 years of research and over 1,000 articles in the professional literature.

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