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National Pitching Association (NPA) Northwest

Weekly Pitching Clinics

for Pitchers Ages 8 & Older 

Location: 1230 E. 68th #103 Anchorage
Dates: Weekly Space is limited
Times: Please contact Mike Fetko

Costs:  $25 Players or Coaches 1.5 hour sessions.             

Registration Online Here


Players Edge is happy to have the NPA Northwest Area Director Mike Fetko for these weekly clinics covering Biomechanics, Functional Strength, Nutritional, and Mental and Emotional training.  We will give all athletes 2D motion analysis of their pitching mechanics -- where you are physically with a functional strength test, we also measure the efficiency of your movement, your timing, your kinematic sequencing, your mechanical variables. We can give you age-specific information for exactly what you need to do with your mechanics and functional strength to keep you healthy when you prepare for competition. They'll get about 300 throwing reps without having to play catch.  All athletes will learn skills that will enhance their overall arm health, efficiency, and velocity. There will be an in-depth lecture and discussion, coupled with extensive drill work to ensure that the athletes leave with a toolkit designed to enable them to become the best player possible.  Learn:  How to warm up to throw and properly get the body ready for practice or competition.  Where we stand on the mound properly, what does some of the best do and why, what is ground force, what is neurological pattering, how can you get better at home, learn pitch counts thresholds for different age groups, why we can only accelerate what we can decelerate, why are we only efficient as our worst movements, learn to throw hard safely using the entire body, what is arm care and active recovery mean, nutritional information, how the brain can create problems that do not exits that create performance anxiety, learn how to properly hold the baseball and much more.




Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mike Fetko at 907-830-4456

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