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Increase your velocity, functional strength, barrel speed & strength, exit velocity, run faster, jump higher, and swing harder.  Gain consistency. Get mentally sharper. Become more efficient with your Bio-mechanics for throwing and hitting. Training is available for all ages from youth to adults.


To be a successful player at any level of the game requires you to be in top physical condition, mentally tough, and emotionally calm. At Players Edge powered by Tom House Sports, we focus on strength and conditioning techniques that enhance skills and reduce the incidence of injuries, as well as mental and emotional practices that build confidence and enhance performance.  We have trained basketball, volleyball, hockey, golfers, wrestlers, track & field, soccer, gymnast, football, riflery, bowlers, baseball, and softball players to be the best they can be.

​We are now registering for our Fall training program.  Come get the same training that professional athletes receive from Tom House. 

Please select one of the options below or click on the sports training tab above to Register.

Dr. Tom House Interview with Rob Friedman the PitchingNinja


The Pitching Dilemma:


Bob Costas moderates a round-table discussion with Hospital for Special Surgery Co-Chief of Sports Medicine and Shoulder Service Dr. David Altchek; pitching expert Tom House; Jim Kaat, who pitched more than 4,500 innings and 180 complete games in his 25-year career;1996 NL Cy Young Award winner John Smoltz, who had Tommy John surgery in 2000 and finished his career as the only pitcher with 200 wins and 150 saves; and MLB Network insider Tom Verducci, who has covered the topic extensively.

Sport Science: NPA Founder Tom House breaks down Aroldis Chapman’s 105 mph pitches.

Watch House explain how Aroldis Chapman consistently threw 100+ mph pitches. From his height to his stride to his release point and more, House explains how Chapman does it and why he could potentially be the “hardest throwing individual that’s ever been on this planet.”

Chapman's bio-mechanics are what we teach at Players Edge

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