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Summer Training Now Through
august 13th

Regardless of which league or team a player plays for, PLAYERS EDGE offers a comprehensive training and preparation program that is for all 5YO to Adults players with a desire to accomplish the following:

1. Practice and further develop skills to prepare for Pitching, Hitting & Fielding for the 2021 Season

2. Participate in an environment conducive to allow skill development

3. Learn concepts and skills not always found in a traditional travel baseball or softball models emphasizing tournament play and 



Our priority is to educate, train and prepare for competition.

Players participating will receive the following:

Players Edge is a high-level program that stresses player development through hard work and dedication. Informing, Instructing and Inspiring our youth athletes by using current science based information is our mission.  Bio-mechanics, Functional Strength, Mental Emotional and Nutritional training is our teaching foundation.  We focus on the process and preparation to compete.  Our workout program is about developing young athletes who take ownership of the process.  Players Edge coaches are always monitoring a player's health and arm-care.   We are health first and processed driven.  Mentoring a child and making a difference in their life comes first.  

All Players Edge coaches are trained by National Pitching Association Northwest Director Mike Fetko.

Practices are typically 4 hours per week, 2 days/week or 1 day/week.   Cost is $200/month, if paid in in full for the summer session.  Monthly payment plans are also available for $250/month.  We also offer a reduced rate for siblings.   We encourage players to be multi-sport athletes and understand there might be conflicts with the schedule.  Should players miss time they are encouraged to come to other workouts regardless of age that work for the family.  All Coaches are trained using the same protocols for all levels.  

Our year round training program consists of three sessions, Fall, Winter & Summer.  Please click on the age appropriate button below for the summer session starting the end of May.  The summer session runs from week of May 24th through August 13th.  Players may select any of the training sessions and do not have to commit to the full year workouts.  

There will be another optional  workout days, our members can drop in for $20 non members $30 for additional work.

Any player registered in our training program can be considered for any of the summer or winter travel tournaments.  Should your player wish to play on one of our club teams, please click here or follow the Club Teams tab.

If you are interested in coaching with us, please send an e-mail or call Mike Fetko.  Mike provides all the coaches training including mental and emotional, bio-mechanical, functional strength & nutritional.  Coaches must follow training methods and protocols provided to be considered a Players Edge coach. 

Players in our program receive unlimited video breakdowns for fielding, throwing, pitching and hitting for the current enrolled session only at no additional cost.  Players also receive 30% discount for any private one on one lessons.   Discounts on baseball, softball and training equipment.

Member drop in rates are $20 and $30 for non members.
Member Hitting Leagues or Games $15 and $20 for non members.


Program Details:

Professional Training year round including .  Each participant receives a general personal screen baseline test assessment which we test every 8-12 weeks.

All players receive a discount on the National Pitching Association STAT Testing Functional Movement Screening for Flexibility, Stability, Mobility, Speed & Agility test $150 normally $190.  This test is performed every 6 months.

Year round NPA Velocity + Arm Care program enrollment & monitoring. 
Functional strength training program. Mental/Emotional training.

Year round Throwing & Hitting video analysis, video available for recruiting as requested. 
College player recruiting planning with family is available as requested. 

Some scholarships are available based on sponsorship's received, please contact Mike Fetko below.
Please note:  Due to the limited space available, there are no refunds once registered.

For more information please call 907-830-4456 or mikefetkojr@yahoo.com

We look forward to the opportunity to work with your player!
Mike Fetko