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Elite Athletic Training

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Summer Club Teams for
7th-12th Grades




Kids miss out on select ball & other summer ball for several reasons. Whether it’s a time commitment, financial investment, or some other reason, our summer program offers those kids a great opportunity to invest in real player development options to improve in all aspects of the game.  This helps develop better-educated baseball players to perform with a team or at an event.  

Team Focus:  We are a Training & Teaching First Environment. We focus on measurable development, throwing velocity, hitting velocity & health during a season. 


Player Development:  Players registered will go through a comprehensive evaluation based on age and position to determine “point in time ability” and projectable measurables through Tom House Sports Screen Test Assess and Training (STAT). Players will learn how to improve measurables more efficiently to train effectively. Players will practice and learn the game through position-specific education, game-speed learning, and class discussions.  The Power of Play!


Technology:   We provide a comprehensive evaluation and game education to players and families utilizing HitTrax, Rapsodo, Diamond Kinetics, Tom House Sports, WIN Reality,  & Video motion analysis. 


Game Development:   Our Staff & Guest Instructors will cover game situations, and position play through intrasquad & game situations.  They will also cover Player Mental/Emotional Training.  How to manage nerves, anxiety, pressure & the yips. We create an environment where athletes are not afraid to make a mistake. We either succeed or we learn from all positive and negative experiences.




  • Formal Training by our Team of Coaches

  • Uniform top and hat

  • All field rentals to include umpires and game balls 

  • Twenty-six, three-hour practices outdoors and at our training facility

  • Opportunities to learn & develop multiple positions

  • Baseball strategies & tactics

  • Learning the game of baseball acumen

  • Longer Training Development Season May 31st through August 31st

  • Games to be played in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Kenai/Homer & Washington schedule TBA

  • We will rotate players through defensive positions. 

  • Players will spend no more than 2 innings on the bench

  • Games will be seven innings long. Unlike a normal league, team wins and losses will be considered bragging rights. Ultimately the summer league will be about individual player development and skill building. 

  • Our Summer Program does not include travel, travel game umpire, baseballs, game facility rental, or food expenses for travel.

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